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Your South St. Louis Dentist: St. Charles Dentist Office

Hawthorn Dental is proud to provide South County and St. Charles residents with healthy smiles. Whether you’re looking for routine teeth cleaning or battling with a sore tooth, Hawthorn can help. Hawthorn Dental works with patients of all ages and provides advanced treatment options that keep up with the latest technology and methodologies. Our services include but are not limited to: preventative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, and periodontal therapy.

About Hawthorn Dental

Our office strives to provide quality dental care for the whole family in a modern yet warm and personal setting. We regularly add new dental technology and treatment methods to help our patients with their smiles. By staying current on dentistry changes, we can better restore your teeth after they’ve decayed or broken. Our oral care team always strives to improve our patients’ dental health. This includes helping them understand how they can stay healthy and improving the esthetics of their smiles. From the beginning of their treatment, we start young people on a path towards relaxed visits to the dentist, ensuring healthy regular checkups. We provide all our services in a non-threatening environment, in which we address our patients’ dental needs with professional and caring treatment.